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Carbon Nation

from Horse Doovers by BloodThirsty Vegans

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We're living in a carbon nation
From Detroit to the Space Station
in Coca-Cola Field
To next year's ethanol yield
A high-fructose, high-octane adrenaline rush
A 200-horse Hemi to make your mama blush
Your Pepsi's too flat, it ain't got no bite?
tape it to the end of my tail pipe
Revvin' my engines, and Chuggin' my fuel
We get power from SHIT so "Get behind the mule"

Hush little baby don't you cry x3
daddy's gonna find a way to clean the sky
and if that ol' sky don't come clean
daddy's gonna move inside a plastic screen
plastic house with a plastic pond
a microwave meal with a magic wand
and if we still can't breathe the air
well hey daddy got paid, daddy don't care

Bag it up, pump it out, it won't fall from the Sky
Besides, everyone knows wind and solar won't get you high
so dig for coal, and drill for oil
When the whole world's a greenhouse, all we need is the soylent
green, we know where that comes from
The blood from the oilmen after they block out the sun
so "Eat the rich" before they eat you
they say What's yours is mine, and what's mined is mine too
Bubblin' out the ground, and through your nose
Or make like it's under foreign soil, and use a siphon hose

You wouldn't know what to do with it anyway x5

Until they sell it back to you, and then out your eyes you're gonna pay
And cry, and bleed, and scream "It ain't fair!"
they say "The fare is fair, and 'bout the rest, I don't care"
So Drink it all up, to all your heart's content
'Til it stops from clogged veins, then just put in a stent
And suck out all that extra fat while you're at it
It's certainly not your fault that they made you an addict
because the carbon-nation empire only makes shit cuz you buy it
Never mind the alternative, you only live once, so why diet?

If it's not this then it's that that'll kill us anyway x4

Hush little baby don't say a word x3
this tree huggin hippy stuff is so absurd
frogs are dumb, owls are too
money don't grow on trees but paper mills do
and if there's ever no trees left to find
well hey, daddy'll be dead, and daddy won't mind

If it's not this then it's that that'll kill us anyway
As long as your kids are footing the bill for my hospital stay
and now I got no leg to stand on ever since the diabetes
my old doctor, Dr. Pepper, well, now he's just a dick tease
ol' Dr. Pepper, he don't take no HMO
I gave him an arm and a leg, the fucker still said, "NO!"
So why is everybody still sellin' me poison for pennies on the dollar?
try to get the antidote, I'm faced with highway robbers
No matter which one of their products is the one that made me sick
They say I should've read the label, it's right there in fine print:

We're not to be held liable for deaths that may occur
For diseases that are curable, we just want our payment first
We're trying to run a business here, what the hell are you trying to pull
Just give us all our money, and follow the god-damned rules
Just follow the god-damn rules, and nobody will get hurt
At least no more than we want them to be, on that you have our word

We just want you sick a little bit, but nothing than we can't fix
The money's in the treatment, c'mon and get your fix!


from Horse Doovers, released August 25, 2016
additional lyrics:
My Rap Name is Alex

music & performance by BloodThirsty Vegans
vocals & trumpet: MC Vendetta
vocals: My Rap Name is Alex
guitar & additional vocals: brrrn
bass: A. Williams
drums: D. Harter

production & engineering: R. Estrada, B. Herlihy


all rights reserved



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BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom. ... more

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