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Right Hand

from Horse Doovers by BloodThirsty Vegans

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Yo yo yo yo
I should have a microphone
for when I'm chillin in my house alone
pants so low, lets you know I'm a winner
I'm kneedin the dough, I'm rappin at my dinner
there should be a light show, there should be a front row
we could go toe to toe, cause yo, oh
I'm a rapper... I know because my right hand goes like THIS!

V for Vendetta, the go getta, and I Rock Hard!
And my latté brings all the boys to the yard
so pah-tay people - dance - now
I don't care how as long as my left hand
can go... bow chicka bow bow

I should have tims and rims just a spinnin
I should have big booty girls just a grinnin
up in the video shoot, in the studio booth
in the studio apartment we could do the Eric Cartman
I can elevate this rap hand shake into an art man
Real rapper at heart man... cause this is how my arm went

Rappity rap rap rap and I don't give a crap / What you think
I can lead you to the brink but I can't make you drink the water
the Earth Daughter's daughter Sgt. Slaughter
and a b c 1 2 3 MC V of the BTV
and that's me I can make you see the thunder dude
and still I wonder who are you
no matter What your right hand can do

who am I? Who am I wise guy? I'll tell you who am I.
I'm a guy what walks in the sky. An' I kin fly
Wit my big balloon hands, and evil hench mans
and a sinister plan to just bomb, bomb Iran
your mom and I are goin on a date now Jar Jar
No! I'm not head of catering, I run the frickin Death Star
heavy heavy breather in a big funny hat
and I go peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat
save yer heart attack and stop humpin around
lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground
clown. CRAZY FROG Got a hollow log to scoop wit
don't pop poop with the P, I'm the Poopsmith
say what you want about how I'm a jerk
but I got my shovel, my boots on, I'm going to work
and fine footwear is important if you wanna be cool
Fool! Those shoes SUCK! But these shoes RULE!

so Charlie climb onboard your choo-choo shoe and check your map
(Ding!) Fries are done. (NO!) It's a trap!
Ack! Get back! Get back you little squirt.

Charlie you bit me! AND THAT REALLY HURT!

[hip hop chamber music interlude - disco break]

some jerk at my day job brought me apple juice and then wouldn't redeem my deposit
So I got out my Beretta, and then we took it to the closet
and the ground was so sticky it's like chocolate rain was on everythain
some uninvited United cat, they threw Brrrn's guitar up underneath our plane
and they didn't wanna fix it well, anyone could tell by how long it took
And now you wanna be my friend on facebook? Man look.
Let me use your myspace, dog, I'll hook you up, when I get those big fat riches
and I have FOUR whole fingers! But wait. Do I have stitches?

Yeah Chad you got em bad homie all across your vent
Now it whistles like Wooo Wooo n we can't tell what you meant
But me I rhyme on time becuz I'm Benny Lava
I can do anything good, I love my dad and my momma
I am Sparta, I am Sam, I am the Man, and I can cough
and I know why that one girl's crying, it's because Adolph is so pissed off
that someone put a hat on a keyboard cat
and made her sway, na numa numa numa hey!
some people on the screen can turn an LOL into a great big OMG shawtay!
A non-hipster hippie trickster always on the go
and I'm a rapper, I know, Because... Yo. Don't TAZE me Bro!


from Horse Doovers, released August 25, 2016
lyrics: My Rap Name is Alex

music & performance by BloodThirsty Vegans featuring D. Adamczyk
vocals & trumpet: MC Vendetta
vocals: My Rap Name is Alex
guitar: brrrn
bass: A. Williams
drums & additional sounds: D. Harter
violin: D. Adamczyk

production & engineering: R. Estrada & D. Harter


all rights reserved



BloodThirsty Vegans Buffalo

BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom. ... more

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