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Horse Doovers

by BloodThirsty Vegans

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Drill way down into the ground Ooh wee baby, now look what we found Oh crap, now the ocean's brown and Ooh now, who's to blame? The sea's on fire, and the fish are dying A Big cover-up, someone's lying Whatever they're selling, we're still buying Oh, now, who's to blame? Blame the man for exploiting the poor Blame yourself for wanting more Blame Obama cause that's what he's for and Oh now, who's to blame? If you can't fix it fool then don't break it. If it ain't yours why you tryin to take it? Why you tryin'a rape every Earth you see naked Once you frack your first Earth up you can't fake it Shake n, bake n, break and straight forsake it Can't lay in a bed that's dead? Why'd you make it? you ain't got to come and confess, we gon' find you So run and tell that to your pack, need I remind you The love of money can blind you, and that's a shame And we are the BTVs, Who's to Blame? yeah who's to blame? NPR's got the latest word They're using Dawn to clean the birds But Dawn's made with oil or haven't you heard? And Oh, now, who's to blame? All the judges had oil stock I Don't see why it's such a shock the Moratorium got blocked and Ooh, now, who's to blame? To fossil fuels we stay loyal When will we stop burning oil? When the Earth's so hot our blood will boil Then who's left to blame? Prior to the year 1800 there was never more than 1 billion human being alive on the planet Earth at the same time. And prior to the year 1972 there were never more than 4 billion human beings alive on the planet Earth at the same time. But now there are more than 7 billion human beings, all alive, all on the planet Earth all at the same time donig who knows what to whom but actually that's great news. Wonderful news for you, and you and youa and you too Because now -- no matter how bad things may seem, no matter how bad they might actually get-- on average, only 1 / 7 billionth of it is your fault.
Go on Yuppie, get your money Put it in the stock market, watch it grow If you take a loss, keep your fingers crossed and maybe the government will bail you out Whoever thought there was risk involved never had that law in his palms Diversify your portfolio, and keep a lotta senators in your bankroll everybody wants a cushy job and to make lots of money and be a snob Nobody wants to turn them gears, Spending blood, sweat, and tears. They all want to sit at a desk, Wait 'til 5 then collect a check they expect that money for nothin the Big bonuses to push less buttons It's all just a house of cards One false move and it's coming down so hard We built this house without glue or tape, and we all know how little it takes Before the whole thing accepts its fate And it's all falling down our prayers won't save us now And it's all falling down our prayers won't save us now It's like 2, 4, 6, 8 and um... NASDAQ futures are STILL lookin great I can't WAIT - till the rising tide makes all of life better Hey look here it comes now... wait... Um, don't talk about the weather. Talk about how the FTC can aprove the M&As since we only need - two or three - companies anyways just find me the closest corporation to praise We got your 401ks - So everybody plays. And you can say - say - say - what you want in a phat mink coat - on a boat - that you flaunt One dollar one vote - is how we promote - democratization ALL OF YOUR LEGISLATION ARE BELONG TO CORPORATION. This is Goldman Sachs' Nation - Go get your own Better yet, just take your medication and STAY HOME! [first verse and chorus repeats] Somebody had better throw this anchor overboard this ship here is like a bullet train retrofitted for war the U.S. shoots, SHE SCORES! - All your oils and your foods and your trees and your waters and your soils but you get to keep your toils as somethin to savor it's the latest Dow Jones flavor and it tastes like child labor You have the right to remain compliant - endowed by OUR creator otherwise you can do us a favor - and CLEAN UP THIS HERE CRATER You're expecting compassion from us? Who are you zoomin We are the nation of technocratic stress hardened humans Mesmerized - Hypnotized - aborbing lies - in through our eyes We've broken ground on our biggest prison yet it's PLANET SIZED our Network news guys are now on every night so our mass media moguls can remind you how to do it riiiight let's do it right let's Step to the right. Slide. Slide. Now step to the right. Now slide. Slide. Now take a step to the right. Yup. now... just take a step to the right That's right. That's right. That's right. Now step to the right. Slide. Slide. Now step to the right. Slide. Slide. Now take two steps to the right And now... two more steps to the right Now, while you imagine what a step to the left would be like you just TAKE ANOTHER STEP TO THE RIGHT
Cha'Mama 04:56
please hang up x3 and try your call again cha'mama is big into drama I ain't talking no smack it's just an actual fact that your mama is big into drama cha'mama is gonna have bad karma I ain't talking no smack it's just an actual fact that your mama rides a purple llama cause I don't want none of your drama I just want to diss your mamma chill on the fact that my name is Janna yeah that's how you say it Janna I don't need no bullshit, I don't need no bullshit and I don't need, no I don't need I don't need no bullshit from cha'Mama Cha-mama an armadillo charmer I ain't talking no smack it's just an actual fact that your mama wears special tin foil armor it's shiny but it breaks real easy let it flow let it go let down your hair too uptight let it slide let down your hair it won't be long till you're in the ground so let down your hair get the feelin right dance all night let down your hair cha'mama is a sweet potato farmer I ain't talking no smack it's just an actual fact that your mama wears Spider Man pajamas I don't need none of that bullshit these gossipin bitches talking shit like a mission it get twisted and you know that ain't what I said it's crazy all the shit that you can think up in your head and that's Drama when just being happy ain't nearly enough you gotta start some shit to show that you're tough if you just learned to really keep it real you'd find out you got the sweeter deal with No drama N-O D-R-A-M-A x8 and I can't believe you said that you are so full of crap even went so far as to call me names I couldn't believe that you were so fuckin lame I don't need yo bullshit and I don't need no bullshit I don't need no I don't need I don't need no bullshit from mama who's still into drama I ain't talking no smack it's just an actual fact that your mama made your science diorama Yes she did. chamma mae chamma ma mama coo sah x8
Right Hand 05:12
Yo yo yo yo I should have a microphone for when I'm chillin in my house alone pants so low, lets you know I'm a winner I'm kneedin the dough, I'm rappin at my dinner there should be a light show, there should be a front row we could go toe to toe, cause yo, oh I'm a rapper... I know because my right hand goes like THIS! V for Vendetta, the go getta, and I Rock Hard! And my latté brings all the boys to the yard so pah-tay people - dance - now I don't care how as long as my left hand can go... bow chicka bow bow I should have tims and rims just a spinnin I should have big booty girls just a grinnin up in the video shoot, in the studio booth in the studio apartment we could do the Eric Cartman I can elevate this rap hand shake into an art man Real rapper at heart man... cause this is how my arm went Rappity rap rap rap and I don't give a crap / What you think I can lead you to the brink but I can't make you drink the water the Earth Daughter's daughter Sgt. Slaughter and a b c 1 2 3 MC V of the BTV and that's me I can make you see the thunder dude and still I wonder who are you no matter What your right hand can do who am I? Who am I wise guy? I'll tell you who am I. I'm a guy what walks in the sky. An' I kin fly Wit my big balloon hands, and evil hench mans and a sinister plan to just bomb, bomb Iran your mom and I are goin on a date now Jar Jar No! I'm not head of catering, I run the frickin Death Star heavy heavy breather in a big funny hat and I go peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat save yer heart attack and stop humpin around lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground clown. CRAZY FROG Got a hollow log to scoop wit don't pop poop with the P, I'm the Poopsmith say what you want about how I'm a jerk but I got my shovel, my boots on, I'm going to work and fine footwear is important if you wanna be cool Fool! Those shoes SUCK! But these shoes RULE! so Charlie climb onboard your choo-choo shoe and check your map (Ding!) Fries are done. (NO!) It's a trap! Ack! Get back! Get back you little squirt. Charlie you bit me! AND THAT REALLY HURT! x3 [hip hop chamber music interlude - disco break] some jerk at my day job brought me apple juice and then wouldn't redeem my deposit So I got out my Beretta, and then we took it to the closet and the ground was so sticky it's like chocolate rain was on everythain some uninvited United cat, they threw Brrrn's guitar up underneath our plane and they didn't wanna fix it well, anyone could tell by how long it took And now you wanna be my friend on facebook? Man look. Let me use your myspace, dog, I'll hook you up, when I get those big fat riches and I have FOUR whole fingers! But wait. Do I have stitches? Yeah Chad you got em bad homie all across your vent Now it whistles like Wooo Wooo n we can't tell what you meant But me I rhyme on time becuz I'm Benny Lava I can do anything good, I love my dad and my momma I am Sparta, I am Sam, I am the Man, and I can cough and I know why that one girl's crying, it's because Adolph is so pissed off that someone put a hat on a keyboard cat and made her sway, na numa numa numa hey! some people on the screen can turn an LOL into a great big OMG shawtay! A non-hipster hippie trickster always on the go and I'm a rapper, I know, Because... Yo. Don't TAZE me Bro!
We're living in a carbon nation From Detroit to the Space Station in Coca-Cola Field To next year's ethanol yield A high-fructose, high-octane adrenaline rush A 200-horse Hemi to make your mama blush Your Pepsi's too flat, it ain't got no bite? tape it to the end of my tail pipe Revvin' my engines, and Chuggin' my fuel We get power from SHIT so "Get behind the mule" Hush little baby don't you cry x3 daddy's gonna find a way to clean the sky and if that ol' sky don't come clean daddy's gonna move inside a plastic screen plastic house with a plastic pond a microwave meal with a magic wand and if we still can't breathe the air well hey daddy got paid, daddy don't care Bag it up, pump it out, it won't fall from the Sky Besides, everyone knows wind and solar won't get you high so dig for coal, and drill for oil When the whole world's a greenhouse, all we need is the soylent green, we know where that comes from The blood from the oilmen after they block out the sun so "Eat the rich" before they eat you they say What's yours is mine, and what's mined is mine too Bubblin' out the ground, and through your nose Or make like it's under foreign soil, and use a siphon hose You wouldn't know what to do with it anyway x5 Until they sell it back to you, and then out your eyes you're gonna pay And cry, and bleed, and scream "It ain't fair!" they say "The fare is fair, and 'bout the rest, I don't care" So Drink it all up, to all your heart's content 'Til it stops from clogged veins, then just put in a stent And suck out all that extra fat while you're at it It's certainly not your fault that they made you an addict because the carbon-nation empire only makes shit cuz you buy it Never mind the alternative, you only live once, so why diet? If it's not this then it's that that'll kill us anyway x4 Hush little baby don't say a word x3 this tree huggin hippy stuff is so absurd frogs are dumb, owls are too money don't grow on trees but paper mills do and if there's ever no trees left to find well hey, daddy'll be dead, and daddy won't mind If it's not this then it's that that'll kill us anyway As long as your kids are footing the bill for my hospital stay and now I got no leg to stand on ever since the diabetes my old doctor, Dr. Pepper, well, now he's just a dick tease ol' Dr. Pepper, he don't take no HMO I gave him an arm and a leg, the fucker still said, "NO!" So why is everybody still sellin' me poison for pennies on the dollar? try to get the antidote, I'm faced with highway robbers No matter which one of their products is the one that made me sick They say I should've read the label, it's right there in fine print: We're not to be held liable for deaths that may occur For diseases that are curable, we just want our payment first We're trying to run a business here, what the hell are you trying to pull Just give us all our money, and follow the god-damned rules Just follow the god-damn rules, and nobody will get hurt At least no more than we want them to be, on that you have our word We just want you sick a little bit, but nothing than we can't fix The money's in the treatment, c'mon and get your fix! x2
Toaster 05:43
All my mammals raise a paw, the Vegansw are real raw welcome back to allayaw please respect the dance floor Mr.NiA is in the building. Great! Good to see ya lookin all fly --I-- guess I could wanna be ya See, uh, Me and Sophia feel that it is crystal cle-ah That this beginnin's winning n we're all winners he-uh But let me stop playin, y'all don't know nothin 'bout what I'm sayin Y'all might not know me from Adam and Hey, that is okay but when I look inside the mirror I still see another captive trapped in minimum security with a bit of a proclivity for sensitivity I'm trying not to let my inhibitions inhibit me my ancestors could recognize hickory they had a thousand different uses for chicory but since then we're trained to view our habitat differently I've come into an unnatural nature deficiency but I'm studying to try to get it back and that's me when you look inside your mirror what do you see? when you look inside x4 when you look inside your mirror what do you see? Some people see the wave and they gotta ride it Some folks feel the motion of the ocean and then they just sit beside it Some cats are riding on a great space coaster For better or worse this song is a toaster x2 You and me baby we're mammals. CELEBRATE! We're great! We're the mammals that invented the date. some monkeys crouch in the closet and meditate for satisfaction while other apes are out waiting for them to discover direct action ruminating rodents will just watch while wolves are fleecing pontificating upon the merits of owning, renting or leasing meritless verbs, full sounding empty words here to distract us from the actions of maintaining healthy herds what you've touched in another's mind is the only thing lasting left behind I'd say it's time to shake your behind with the first friends that you can find even in a line of lonely lemmings trying to recollect how to reconnect moving all four feet to the beat is how you show space and time some respect risk eye contact. Smile! At worst some frumple-face gets annoyed find those fleeting moments of freedom and explode into the void Shove an arm through, you've got to, like an elevator door Wring every drop out onto the floor and then ring it a little more It's time for radical care, there's not a moment to spare Love like life itself depends on it and we'll get there just love like life itself like life itself like life itself like life itself like life itself depends on it, we'll get there Some people see the wave and they gotta ride it Some folks feel the motion of the ocean and then they just sit beside it Some cats are riding on a great space coaster For better or worse this song is a toaster Some people see the wave and they gotta ride it Some folks feel the motion of the ocean and then they just sit beside it Some rats are riding on a great space coaster Whatever it means... this song is a toaster


released August 25, 2016


all rights reserved



BloodThirsty Vegans Buffalo

BloodThirsty Vegans is a musical family that makes music (sweet, sweet music) about peace, love and understanding to unite the human family, foster respect for the interconnected web of life, and remind the tribes how liberating it was to dance the dances of freedom. ... more

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